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Back to Italy

Fall 2015

We arrived back in Italy on Thursday afternoon after a long but comfortable flight on         Alitalia.

We had used our miles to upgrade from economy to business class and it made for a more comfortable flight. Watched a movie, had a nice meal with lovely service and slept for a few hours.

imagesMuch better than the cramped seating in coach and the bathrooms that become unusable after a 9 hour flight with hundreds of people traipsing in and out leaving a trail of toilet paper strewn on the floor.


We had been anticipating, read worrying, about driving from Fiumicino airport in Rome for months but was surprised how easy it actually was.

We had even investigated other airports as well as other places to pick up a car in an effort to avoid what we remember as a very confusing exit from the airport and entrance to the Autostrada.

Rome, Italy - driving to fiumicino C car park level - Rome Fiumicino Airport car hireMy husband, Arturo, did a masterful job of guiding our FIAT Panda out of the multi layered parking garage, maneuvering the car down the small circular ramps and inserting the parking ticket into the machine where the gate magically and mercifully opened beginning the official part of our journey in Italy.


On to A-1 and the 1 1/2 drive to Ficulle. We exited at Fabro, the town nearest to Ficulle where we had arranged to meet our realtor, Stefano. It had been nearly 10 months since we stepped off the train in Chiusi and began our journey of finding a home in Italy. As we drove into the parking lot of  La Bettola del Buttero, the inn where we had our first lunch those long months ago, we were overjoyed to see Stefano’s smiling face.


A short while later we were reacquainting ourselves with the lovely property. Walking the grounds, reveling in the scent of the last roses of the season and the aroma of sweetly scented jasmine.


View from Master Bedroom
View from Master Bedroom