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A Visit to Allerona

Allerona is situated in the so-called ‘blessed’ triangle, as it lies on the border between Umbria, Tuscany and Lazio. ¬†Here at Casa Le Crete we feel equally blessed to have this very picturesque town with it’s 388 inhabitnts located within a short drive. It is a pleasure to wander the small stone streets as well […]

Culture Shock

Culture Shock is this month’s topic for Dolce Vita Bloggers. There are many differences between living in Italy and living in the United States. ¬†Some better, some worse, and¬†‘some just plain frustrating’. ¬†¬†Italians (and most of Europe) sensibly respect the hours reserved for the daily ‘pausa’. ¬†This varies city by city and town by town. […]

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Our First Vintage

This year we returned to Italy earlier than usual. ¬†That meant cooler temperatures and more wood burning fires in the evenings. ¬†However, the briskness in the air ¬†did not stop us from hosting family and friends and sharing the unveiling of our 2016 wine. ¬†Even though it will benefit from two additional months in the […]