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I Cipressi

Now that the renovation of the home has been completed, it is time to turn our attention to the exterior of the house. ¬†At present it is a bit too austere for our tastes. ¬†The former owner purchased the house in 2002 as a ruin. ¬†There was no electricity until 2008 and he had to […]

Let’s Play Ball

As youngsters spending our summers at the beach clubs that surrounded Long Island Sound, the male members of the family would gather on a Sunday afternoon at the rustic dirt bocce court after a copious lunch to play their favorite game.¬† No women were granted¬† access to this fraternity;¬† and only as children were we […]

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Painting the Interior

Painting for the interior of the house had been included in the ‚Äėpreventivo‚Äô (estimate) for the renovation.¬† However, as with most construction projects, costs mount, and Arturo and I were quite confident we could paint the house ourselves in an effort to save some money; especially as the quote we had received was 6,000 euro […]

Setting Up House

A possible downside of renting out your home is running the risk of having your personal possessions¬†and well furniture broken or damaged.¬† That was the case with the previous owner.¬† Not sure if all his tenants were large, clumsy or just uncaring; but the more than dozen chairs that filled the house had either the […]

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Renovation Begins

Even though we ultimately had to purchase the property¬† as three separate homes, we began to develop a plan to combine the houses and ultimately have two houses with three bedrooms and two baths respectively. ¬†¬†¬† Along with this our renovation included updates to the septic tank, heating and a rather large dampness issue that […]