The town associated with the house is actually Ficulle, but the home is located in Zona Le Crete  up in the hillside and far removed from the little town itself.  Today we took the scenic drive to see and explore the little town.  We traversed the windy road and eventually arrived at the medieval stone town nestled in le colli (the hills). 

The origins of the town and the castle date back to the 11th century even though it is supposed to have been born in the beginning as a trading station of the Roman Empire. Because of the excellent territorial position, Ficulle was contended by two noble families: Monaldeschi and Filippeschi, both from Orvieto. It suffered their struggles until 1416 A.D., when the town passed under control of the Papal States.


We parked the car just outside the walls as is often the custom in Italy and climbed the steep stairs to the center of town.  


These steps lead to the offices of the City of Ficulle


Walled and gated homes and gardens


Stone houses abound




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  1. Catherine Berry – But you are in France, Madame

    Good luck with settling in and with your rental project. I have come across to your blog from Susan’s Our French Oasis. From Australia, we spent several years living in France. Joining a new community in any language is not easy, but we ultimately found it to be exceptionally rewarding. Life-changing actually! Ficulle looks gorgeous.

    1. Lisa

      Yes, Ficulle is charming. Living in an area where few speak your native language keeps you on your toes. Nerve racking as it is to conduct business in another language, the rewards outweigh the anxiety…..

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