Instagram for Dummies and my Italian Connection

Instagram for Dummies and my Italian Connection

At my age it is always a challenge to learn new things.  I am currently trying to master Instagram or at the very least understand it.  A fellow Instagram user Kelly of Italian at Heart proposed that we write on a preselected topic and then somehow, magically (I’m not sure how to do this yet) link it to other blogs and Instagram accounts.  The selected topic is “The Italian Connection”.  Also participating are Jasmine of Questa Dolce Vita and Kristie of Mamma Prada

Allora.  Now to the topic at hand.  My Italian connection began when I was born into an artistic first generation Italian family.   Both sets of grandparents had taken a leap of faith and boarded a ship from Italy to cross the Atlantic in hopes of establishing a better life in the United States.  


Perhaps it is this courage that deeply connects me to my Italian roots.  Their willingness to risk their lives, loved ones, language and existence as they had known it seemed a courageous act.

Lombardo Family

When I was quite young,  the elders would tell stories of the old country.  The soft lilt of this strange language reached the tender ears of my sisters and myself as we played beneath the large wooden table in the dining room.  They spoke,  drank espresso and told tales of their former life in Francavilla.   As they desired to assimilate into their new life, they spoke quietly in their mother tongue to ensure the ‘children’ did not understand what being said.  So unfortunately for my sisters and myself we are only now learning to master  la bella lingua.   But the stories of colorful characters, recipes handed down from previous generations,  love of family, children and laughter easily and freely shared   has stayed with me to this day and is woven into my being forming an indelible link and Italian connection.

Dolce Vita Bloggers
Dolce Vita Bloggers



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  1. mammaprada

    Hi Lisa, Thank you for sharing. You paint a lovely picture of your childhood hearing all these stories. I think a lot of Italians who left for America didn’t use their Italian as it was frowned upon at the time. It’s such a shame it wasn’t embraced. It’s lovely that you are all learning now though and still feel Italy is a part of you. Thank you for joining in with the link up this month and I’m looking forward to reading more of your posts! Kristie xx #DolceVitaBloggers

  2. La Brutta Figura

    Haha I wonder what clandestine topics they used to talk about! Even your relatives didn’t teach you the language they certainly seemed to have taught you the best values 🙂

  3. Kelly

    Ciao Lisa! What a beautiful picture & story of your Italian family! I agree, their courage to leave their country for a new land is truly admirable and I value that courageous spirit! Don’t worry, we’re all getting the hang of the link up, and I’ve had my fair share of tech difficulties too! Next time it will be much easier when we’ve all gotten the hang of it!

  4. paninigirl

    So glad to have found your blog!

  5. questadolcevitablog

    Lisa, reading through the other posts from the other #DolceVitaBloggers I’m certain you’ll find some kindred spirits. It seems pretty common that many first and second generation Italians never learnt the language but never say never right?! A wonderful story, so happy to have you with us!

  6. Angela Williams

    “ensure the ‘children’ did not understand what being said.” THE SAME THING HAPPENED TO ME! Haha!

    How courageous and brave of your relatives!!!



  7. LuLu B – Calabrisella Mia

    So beautifully written! Our family that made the big move to America/Canada were without a doubt courageous and in my opinion set a great example for the future generations.

  8. Un po’ di pepe

    I came to Canada with my parents when I was 2. I still don’t know how they did it without knowing the language and knowing very few other people. My Mamma didn’t see her Mamma for 9 years. I did a double take when I saw the old foto. The girl holding her Papà’s hand looks like me when I was about that age! Ciao, Cristina

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