Perfect Day in Italy

Perfect Day in Italy

A perfect day in Italy does not necessarily mean visiting churches, monuments or museums. The joy of being in Italy is in the simple pleasures that even doing everyday errands brings.  That is not to say that I am not thrown off by the words that can strike fear in your heart ‘chiuso per pranzo’ (closed for lunch).   Meaning if you are not able to accomplish all your errands before the inevitable shut down for pranzo at one o’clock,  that you are out of luck until the shops reopen at four thirty.  Allora.

As I tell everyone who visits,

‘Italy has its own rhythm’

we simply need to adjust to its unhurried  tempo.

This particular day we stopped by Voglie di Bosco.  VOGLIE DI BOSCO MORETTI  a family-owned Umbrian company that since 1982 has been marketing and processing truffles, mushrooms, tartuffi products, fruit and vegetables .

Voglie di Bosco
Voglie di Bosco

We were greeted by the owner, Doriana and her son, Walter.  The first question was not ‘posso aiutarti?‘ (can I help you) butposso offrirti un caffe?’ (can I offer you a coffee).

We willingly accepted and in no time were having a conversation albeit with our limited command of Italian about truffles, how to cook with wild fennel spice and decoupage.   Seems Doriana likes decoupage, so I told her of my favorite decoupage artist, John Derian.

As our guests would be arriving the next day we stopped at Mondo Pizza to see Franco and place an order for one of his ‘divino’ meals.  As soon as we arrive Franco offers us an assagio (taste) of some of his savory Easter bread.  Then we catch up on news of his family and establish a time to pick up our cena (dinner) the next day.   Unfortunately, the only way to reach Franco, and many of the small purveyors of fine food in the Ficulle/Fabro area is by telephone.  No email or website.

As we were in need of some formaggio (cheese) to offer our guests  we stopped by Alimentiari Gastronomia Salumeria on Via Vittorio Emanuele in Fabro.  Again, the fun begins as we practice our Italian and are instructed by the owner about pecorino (cheese from goats) as opposed to cheese from cows We are of course, invited to have a taste and learned that the Caciottina cheese which has the intrinsic flavor of milk from Norcia, has been aged in  a grotto (underground cave), and  made only in small batches for quick consumption.

When was the last time you were told of the provenance of the cheese you were about to purchase in your local supermarket????

Cows milk cheese
Cows milk cheese

Getting to know the people that supply, grow and and care about the foods you love, who take the time to speak about their valued products and artisanal methods of production elevates those products and that experience and makes  every day in Italy “the perfect day!!!”

Dolce Vita Bloggers
Dolce Vita Bloggers
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  1. LuLu B – Calabrisella Mia

    Some of my favorite days in Italy are the ones spent on a farm or on the property of people who produce high quality goods (cheese, wine, bread, etc) that I’m so fortunate to have the chance to enjoy here! The pride they have in what they do is always so inspiring to me! 🙂

  2. Lucy and Kelly

    We love this and have to agree. Being around the table with loved ones, eating fresh, homegrown, delicious food may seem simple but is one of lifes greatest pleasures! <3

    Lucy and Kelly xx

    1. Lisa

      Its’ the simple things in life that are the most rewarding.

  3. Kelly

    Lisa, I completely agree! I get excited to do simple even the simple things like going to the farmer’s market or shopping Italy. Those conversations with the locals who produce the food are priceless and something so special about Italy. I am eyeing those truffles….I am craving some now! Such a delicacy! Thank you so much for joining #DolceVitaBloggers <3

    1. Lisa

      These encounters, however brief, are a better learning experience than any book.

  4. Rebecca

    I definitely agree, in Italy simple errands become so much more, chances to chat to people, to learn about new foods. All those delicious foods you’ve mentioned make me want to go shopping now!

  5. mammaprada

    This sums up what Italy is all about, quality produce, not mass produced. Having a real relationship with where your food comes from. I wish it could be like this everywhere!

    1. Lisa

      Me too. We have just arrived back in the states today and I am dreading going grocery shopping. It will not be the same. Allora

  6. Questa Dolce Vita (@questadolcevita)

    I really loved how so many of our perfect days revolved around food, I feel like people who love Italy inevitablly love food right??!!! By the way, I am OBSESSED with truffles. If there’s an amazing menu but there’s something with truffle on it…I HAVE TO GET IT. Thanks for this contribution Lisa and hope to read more next month. Jasmine of questadolcevita.com.

  7. Bellissimamma

    I love the quote “Italy has its own rhythm”. It is so true! The food pics look amazing. I love anything with truffle and truffle sauce.

    1. Lisa

      And the smell is just heaven!!!!

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