Renovation Begins

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Renovation Begins

Even though we ultimately had to purchase the property  as three separate homes, we began to develop a plan to combine the houses and ultimately have two houses with three bedrooms and two baths respectively.    

Along with this our renovation included updates to the septic tank, heating and a rather large dampness issue that necessitated a tunnel be constructed around the perimeter of the house to wick off moisture and the scaling of plaster from interior and exterior walls.

Reconstruction needs to be completed before you can apply for agibilita’,  the Certificate of Habitability that certifies the suitability of a residential property as being fit for human habitation and that would enable us to lower our taxes (change from 3 to 2 houses).  Heating is also necessary to obtain the illusive agitibalita’.  It is issued by the competent municipal offices following verification that the building and its systems comply with health, safety and structural stability regulations. According to law, prior to issuing the certificate of habitability, the competent authorities should also verify that the building complies with planning permission.

Humidity Solution

Not the glamorous updates that we would have preferred putting our budget towards; but essential non the less!