Setting Up House

Setting Up House

A possible downside of renting out your home is running the risk of having your personal possessions and well furniture broken or damaged.  That was the case with the previous owner.  Not sure if all his tenants were large, clumsy or just uncaring; but the more than dozen chairs that filled the house had either the caning in the center damaged or completely broken out.


Broken chairs
Broken chairs



Not wanting to have to purchase new chairs, my creative and resourceful husband came up with an idea to salvage them.  Yes, it involved sourcing out a local wood mill in the area, and yes, we were still having trouble not getting lost driving to the supermarket. 

But as they say, ‘necessity is the mother of invention’. 

So off we went in search of a wood mill.  Fortunately it was not located too far from us plus it only took two tries to find it.  

Segheria Wood Mill

The owner was very patient with our rudimentary Italian skills and happily cut the wood to size.

Uncut Wood


Pallets of wood
Pallets of wood

 The funny part is that after years of studying Italian and focusing on ‘how are you’, ‘where are you from’ and other phrases, what had become more important was how to speak what I call ‘construction’ Italian.  Words like, legno (wood) and saw mill (segheria) had replaced our vocabulary of mere pleasantries.  We were learning fast and on the run in order to accomplish what we needed.


Back at the house Arturo moved into the open air and began cutting the wood to fit the chairs.

In the end he was able to repair all the chairs.  Now all that is left is to purchase cushions to cover the new wood. 


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  1. Ellen A.

    Lisa, what fun this all is to follow along as you set up house in this treasured heart of Italy. We’d love to know what drew you and Arturo there, and whether you intend to take long vacations there, or eventually live in your house near Ficulle full time. I love your interiors, especially the spiral staircase and old kitchen chairs. Can’t imagine a more scenic spot to repair chairs than from your house. Looks like the backdrop of a Renaissance painting behind Arturo! Will enjoy reading more!

    1. Lisa

      Hello Ellen. Years ago some friends brought us to Umbria. We fell in love with the fact that it was not as congested as Tuscany; more hills instead of mountains, more unfettered vistas and people seemingly living an unhurried life in the countryside who enjoyed sharing their story. We plan to spend long vacations, made even more enjoyable when our family is with us….

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