Il contenitore arriva!!! (The Container Arrives)

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Il contenitore arriva!!! (The Container Arrives)

When we hired Omega to ship our household goods to Italy, we knew the nearest port was in Civitavecchia, Rome; so when we were told our goods would be sent to Naples and then trucked to Ficulle we were a bit surprised.    Well, who were we to question the wisdom of this.

Once the shipment left the U.S. our shipper and contact  became T&T International in Naples.

I had been secretly (or not so secretly) concerned about this because if there was even a ‘hiccup’ (read problem) I could not imagine us traveling to Naples to sort it out.  In addition, the only way to get to our house from the  motorway was to cross the narrow bridge that spans A-1 and leads you up the incline to Casa La Crete.

IMG_3601When we received the call that the container had indeed arrived in Naples and  had been  trucked to Ficulle, we sprang into action.  Fortunately our Architect was on hand to sort out the linguistic particulars (all business in this part of Umbria is done in Italian). 

We quickly jumped into our car and darted down the hill to meet the truck at the Fabro-Ficulle train station.  One look told us the truck was indeed too large to make it over the small bridge. IMG_3615

A speedy trip back up the hill followed with the Naples representative stuffed into our small car to survey the problem.  N.B.  He would not even get into our car until he saw the color of our money, all cash, (contanti)!!!!  A decision was made to transfer all our belongings into the smaller truck that had been driven from Naples as well.  This was hastily done in the commercial parking lot of a grocery store along the road to our house.  We felt like a cross between the Keystone cops and a Chinese fire drill as the contents were briskly unloaded and transferred from one truck to the another. IMG_3616

Grazie dio, when the truck finally arrived and was unloaded at Casa Le Crete miraculously all our belongings were intact.

T&T did a great job transporting our goods, slashing and emptying boxes,  positioning armoires and chests, assembling large pieces of furniture, disposing of packaging all while I happily served espresso  with our recently arrived possessions.

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