Unique Stores Orvieto

Unique Stores Orvieto

As Orvieto is less than 30 minutes from Casa Le Crete,  we always seem to take visitors there.  We are still (read always) trying to think of ways to add interest to the house without spending an arm and a leg so we make it a point to research new outlets for our inspiration.  Sometimes information and inspiration comes in the form of other blogs.  They can be very enlightening and when concentrated in a specific area can laser focus where the locals shop.

In our desire to purchase ceramic plates to  decorate the wall above the stove in the kitchen. and knowing that fine Orvieto pottery or Umbrian pottery from Deruta might prove too costly and limit the number of plates we could purchase and display, I began to source out some blogs.   Fortunately I follow A Merry Feast  where Heather does a fantastic job in ferreting out unique shopping experiences,  creating distinctive trips for food loving travelers and discovering off the beaten places to visit.

In this particular post, Heather featured a small store in Orvieto located in a square  in the center of Orvieto just a short walk from the main street, Piazza del Popolo and the Torre del Moro,   Menabo is a fifteen year old landmark in the gift industry that carries fashion accessories, furniture,  kitchen accessories and a wide range of items selected and presented with care and passion.  Our eyes were immediately drawn to the Solimene ceramic plates.

Solimene is a bright and sunny range of hand painted pottery made in Southern Italy by the Solimene family.


Priced  not to break the bank and at once whimsical and traditional we eagerly selected an assortment for the house.


Here is the beginning of our Solimene collection…..

The beginning of our collection
The beginning of our collection.


To be continued




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  1. Menabò Federica Achilli

    Lisa! Thank you! You’re so kind! Always a pleasure to read you! Looking forward to see you!

    1. Lisa

      Grazie Federica! We return to Italy later next month. Will definitely stop by!!!

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